Here at ALME we're all about helping people find and develop their purpose as they survive and thrive in the work life collision that the past year has thrown up.

We believe in a life more extraordinary and that 2020 highlighted just how important it is to be part of a community of like minded people who want to support, challenge and inspire each other. 

If you want to see this in action then please check out our most recent live panel shows and podcasts where we explore a range of different topics to help you define and create your own extraordinary new life, supported by the experience and wisdom of inspiring guests.


The show must go on!!!

New live show can be watched here

The show must go on!

…but how could it and did it in a Locked down world?

In a world turned virtual, what did this mean for arts and performers? The curtain may have been down but there was lots of scenery being changed backstage!

Join us for some inspirational stories of trying something new, working together, adapting with creative ways of work/living/experiencing live events through music, theatre and AR!


Our Guests Panelists include:

Kimberly Davis #SHESANGZ

Kimberly Davis has become one of the greatest vocalists that no one knew existed. The question is...WHY?

Kimberly, now a lead singer for the world-famous Disco band Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, glows under the spotlight throughout the world. Across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the UK and even down under, audiences on every continent respond to Kimberly‘s exceptional vocal prowess. 

Lynsey Thurgar

Lynsey Thurgar left the UK over 20 (!) years ago to perform in musicals in state theatres all over Europe.

The pandemic made her reassess her life goals. She used the enforced hiatus to have a second child, while involving herself in streamed performance, online festivals, voice work and teaching and feels that the arts have an obligation to adapt to the times.

Graeme Godfrey

Since building up from scratch and selling his own company 6 years ago, Graeme has achieved a personal ambition to create the Passionate About People series of podcasts, host his own “feel good” live radio show, coach and mentor a cross section of the music industry in the UK and to practise as a top-level mindset coach, helping individuals and businesses grow and succeed.